ServiceView Features

  • IT Services

    ServiceView helps manage IT by cataloguing all services by purpose, owners, technology & data.

  • IT Architecture

    By understanding how IT services fit together ServiceView can model the impact of outages.

  • DR Planning

    ServiceView captures data centre dependencies and fail over capabilities to generate DR plans.

  • Organisation Management

    ServiceView records who works on which service, how much time they spend, and their role.

  • Financial Management

    Service costs are combined with costs of underpinning services giving total service cost.

  • Change Management

    ServiceView can assist change with minimal disruption and inform relevant stakeholder of outages.

  • Risk Assessment

    ServiceView can audit IT services for risk of confidentiality, integrity and availability.

  • Service Reporting

    ServiceView can record usage, capacity and availability metrics for IT services.

  • KPI Reporting

    ServiceView report on KPIs against actual service showing reliability.