IT Architecture

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IT Architecture

ServiceView has the ability to store all information on any assets or infrastructure for your company and produce reports detailing all of the data.

Infrastructure information that can be stored include equipment, racks and data centres. Using this information ServiceView can compile data centre reports, detailing each data centre over all locations and what is stored in each rack.

Equipment reports contain details about each piece of equipment in use, using information like equipment name, it's purpose, data centre and rack position as well as that make and model of the equipment. A leasing and maintenance report is also available which shows each service or server name, purchase or lease expenses as well as maintenance expenses.

ServiceView can also detail all services and their dependencies as well as any services dependant on them. Using this information, ServiceView is able to show accurate impacts for events or incidents.

System Architecture

ServiceView stores a great deal of information about each service including:

  • Purpose & description.
  • Business, technical and budget owners.
  • Technology being used.
  • Data stored in the service.
  • Type and location of equipment.
  • Usage capacity and availability data.
  • Who works on each service and their role.
  • Financial details relating to the service, i.e. license & infrastructure costs.

ServiceView also stores any underpinning services that are needed by a service. Balckboard, for instance, needs central usernames (LDAP) and databases to operate. Service dependencies are modelled in ServiceView showing how IT in the organisation all fits together.