ServiceView Overview

ServiceView is an IT application developed out of research performed at the University of Queensland and has since been adopted and extended by several other universities in Australia and New Zealand.

It's purpose is to model IT services in a complex organisation. It provides visibility into how IT services operate and interact. ServiceView is able to leverage thetens of thousands of pieces of information it stores to achieve the following business benefits:

  1. Provide clear visibility into IT services across an organisation by accurately cataloguing and capturing relevent data for each service.
  2. Identify risks in IT services by performing a risk assessment of each IT service, the dependencies between services and their dependencies on data centres.
  3. Manage change and keep relevant stakeholders informed of planned and unplanned service outages.
  4. Contribute towards a high quality of services delivery by daily monitoring and reporting service availability against KPIs.
  5. Contribute towards a high service uptime through monitoring and alerting engineers in the event of failures.
  6. Allow the effective use offunds by providing visibility into the cost of services within an organisation.
  7. Streamline the SLA management process by the automatic collection of consumption figures.
  8. Provide a basis for an Information Asset Register and other important documents.