Incident Management


Incident Management

ServiceView's incident management feature can handle incidents from creation until completion. Incidents are divided into types, usually changes and faults but any number of types can be configured. Incidents can be automatically placed into job queues for engineers depending on the type of incident or location.

Incidents are given a priority to determine the order the engineers should address them and can be configured to have a "breach" period either by:

  • Minutes to assign to an engineer
  • Minutes for the engineer to open the incident
  • Minutes for the incident to be resolved

ServiceView uses the administrator set business hours to calculate the minutes for breach periods. All minutes are measured in business hours, so in a typical Monday to Friday working week one minute after 5pm on friday is 9:01 on Monday morning. Multiple client types are able to be added with the ability to have different business hours and targets for assigning, opening and resolving incidents.

Engineers can add notes to the incident as well as notes being automatically recorded any time the incident is changed or updated.

Task lists are able to be set up in ServiceView for common task, this feature assigns the job to the relevant job queue depending on the task waiting to be completed and assigns to the next required job queue for the next task when needed.