Change Management


Change Management

Before significant changes can be made to production systems an approval process is required.

Change requests are entered in ServiceView specifying which service is being worked on and the expected impact on service delivery.

ServiceView uses it's service dependency model to determine the impact on other services.

Stakeholders of all affeced services are looked up in ServiceView and are requested to approve or reject the requested change electronically.

Once a change request is approved it can become a service status event.

Change Management Reporting

ServiceView's change management system also produces reports as a way to view upcoming and past changes. The changes are put into groupings:

  • Upcoming changes
  • Approved changes from previous period (did not go according to plan)
  • Unapproved changed from previous period
  • Upcoming minor change requests
  • Minor change requests from previous period (did not go according to plan)

These reports are used at the CAB meetings for viewing the changes up for review.